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Anne Makes Lovely Candles Reward Points

Customer Loyalty Rewards Points

The present Customer Reward Program is effective from 1st November 2016

The Customer Reward Program is our way to say "Thank you" and reward our valued loyal customers by giving you points that can be redeemed against your next order. Collect and save your reward points and then you can redeem them to receive money off of your future purchases, it could not be easier. To be able to earn points you must first of all ensure that you have registered an account with us.

When you place an order, you gain points from whatever that product is valued at. Here at Anne Makes Lovely Candles we believe you should be rewarded for everything you do for us, not just rewarded when you spend your money. Write a review, rate a product or just for signing up and creating an account - you will get rewarded points. Please ensure that you login to your account before attempting to claim Reward points as they are not able to be claimed at a later date.
Points are credited to your account as "Pending", Awaiting your payment or "Earned" when your payment has cleared and /or the admin has set your order to complete.
Your rewards points are listed in the "Your Reward Points" section, under the "My Orders" listing of the "My Accounts" page.

Below is a full list of actions that could get you earning rewards and saving money.
  • 250 Points for signing up with us and creating a user account. We changed this to a discount code.
  • 100 Points for reviewing and rating a product on the website. Still a work in progress!
  • 100 Points for signing up for our monthly newsletter. Still a work in progress!
  • 10 points for every pound you spend.

  • Each pound spent is worth TEN points effectively giving you back 10% of the product's price.
  • Each point you earn is worth one pence (1 point = 1 pence. 100 points=£1).
  • Please note that you are not able to earn points on an order that has paid for with redeemed points, well at least the points used.

  • Earned points can be used for full or partial payment of an order
  • Earned points can only be applied on the "Basket" page not any further during checkout process.
  • Pending points are still yours but they have not been released, probably, because we have not received your payment yet.
  • You will not see pending points at the "Basket".
  • You will only be informed of the points you have available to spend and the MAX you can apply to this order.

You can only collect points when you open an account with Anne Makes Lovely Candles. After all not opening an account is not very loyal of you now, is it.
You can start collecting points straight away, but only once you are a member. Remember we give you 150 Points for signing up with us and creating a user account.

Maybe. When you look at a candle, its value in points is displayed, You Gain Reward Points 55
Some products may earn more than 5 points per £ depending on special promotions running from time to time.

  • There is no minimum number of points required in order to redeem them.
  • There is a minimum purchase amount required in order to redeem your points, only our cheapest item priced at £1.00,
  • There is a maximum amount of points you can redeem per order, the full cost of the items you are buying right now, excluding delivery.

Once you log in to your account, earned points will be shown in your "My Accounts Page" > "My Orders" > "Your Rewards Points". If you have items in the basket, their value in points will be listed, only if you select "Use Reward Points". You will be shown your total available Rewards Points next to this option. Points corresponding to items in the will be earned when the order is completed, i.e. "PAID for" and will disappear if an item is removed from the or the order is not completed.

When it comes to redeeming your earned reward points please follow these simple steps.
Ensure you are logged into your Anne Makes Lovely Candles account
Add the items you wish to purchase to your Basket
When you go to Your Basket, you will see how many points you have earned,
you will be asked how many of them you want to use for payment of your items.
You may use all (up to the maximum value of the items), part or none of your points if you want to keep them accumulating and be used in the future for a more expensive item.
The choice is yours.

Please note that, you may have to select a payment method, even if the value of the points redeemed is enough to cover the total of your order. When you have entered the number of points you want to redeem, proceed to the next step "Secure Checkout". You will see the value of points deducted from the total of your order. Confirm the order and you will either be asked to pay for any remaining balance or "Free Checkout" will show if there is no balance to be paid on your order.

If you pay by PayPal, the points will be temporarily listed as "Pending" for a day or two and then they will be change to "Earned". If you pay by another method, for example by Pay on Pickup or Cash on Delivery, the points will stay at "Pending" until we clear payment for your order.

Your points are valid for as long as your account is active and from the date of cleared payment on your order, if your account lapses or is closed by Anne Makes Lovely Candles or you close your account and the points are not used by then, they are lost.

No! You will appreciate that points are awarded to thank you for items you purchase. Delivery expenses are only money we collect and pay to the post office on your behalf.

No! You earn points for items purchased with money. Redeemed points do not earn more points.
Please note that: you are not able to earn points on an order that was purchased with redeemed points.

No! The value of your points will be deducted from the total cost of your order items only. This dose not include delivery expenses. In simple terms, the value of your points is equivalent to the price of the good bought you can spend them as you like, but not on services.

That's a good question. Our base currency is the British Pound (GBP £) but you can select another currency from the list on top of the screen. All prices will be automatically converted to the selected currency based on the European Central Bank exchange rates published in the afternoon of every working day. When you place an order, the points earned will still be set at the value we have deemed correct for the item you wish to buy, even if the item price is expressed in another currency.

To make it simple: if an item costs GBP 1.00 and you select EUR or USD as your currency, you will get 5 points. The value of these points will be GBP 1.00 but may be expressed and count as e.g. 1.24 € or $1.61 etc, when you use them for payment, depending on the exchange rate. In short, you are neither profiting nor losing when another currency is selected. (currency conversion correct at time of writing)

Of course you do. The number of points earned is set on each product (discounted or not) Not the price of the product.

  • Points are awarded and used with online purchases only at Anne Makes Lovely Candles
  • Points are awarded to registered users only.
    Sorry guests but if you don't join up you don't get benefits
  • Points can not be transferred between members.
  • Points can not be exchanged for cash.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue the Customer Reward Program at any time in the future. If we ever do so, you will still be able to use any points collected up to that time.
  • We constantly monitor the rewards scheme to detect abuse of the system, so please be warned that points will be revoked if any abuse is discovered, eg multiple account creation.
  • We have put these rewards in place so our customers can get rewarded for their loyalty and continued business - all we ask that you reward us by respecting and not abusing this scheme.
  • You may only create 1 account per user.
  • You can only review or rate a product that you have previously purchased from Anne Makes Lovely Candles.
  • You can only review or rate a purchased product once.
  • If you purchase a product that contains more than one item you are not permitted to review each individual item.

Our sign up discount a little way of saying thankyou for taking the time to make an account with us. Once you complete the account sign up steps you will receive an email with a coupon code you need to enter that code in either the basket or checkout page.
On the "Your Basket" it is in a little drop down tab right below the list of the goods you have in the basket.
On the check out page the is the question "Do you Have a Coupon or Voucher?". Just enter your discount code in the box provided. The discount will be taken from your total excluding any postage or delivery charges.
The discount coupon is valid for 28 days from when you sign up.

If you still have questions about our Customer Reward Program, please contact us and we shall be happy to clarify any point.

It's so soft; you can even use it as massage oil when it's warm.

Good for you.
Good for the environment.

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