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About Anne Makes Lovely Candles. For You. For Everyone. With Love.

Bespoke: unusual and sophisticated, made to individual order, custom-made.
Anne Makes Lovely Candles Away with the Faires

A little bit of information about Anne Makes Lovely Candles. We are a Glasgow based "Cottage Industry" using the best of ingredients to create a product we know people will like and enjoy. What do we mean by Cottage Industry? We don't have a large or even medium sized production facility. A large kitchen and a dining room table are our factory space; the spare room, now officially the candle workroom our stockroom. We literally do make these bespoke soy wax candles at home by our own fair hands, what you could call a "Mom and Pop" out-fit.

So you're maybe thinking "Why should I Trust Anne Makes Lovely Candles"?
Okay here are some good reasons;

Reasons to be cheerful 123...

  • We only deal with Trusted UK suppliers.
  • Highest grade soy wax, a vegan friendly vegetable wax producing an outstanding hot or cold wax scent throw which fills the air with aroma.
  • All of the cosmetic-grade scent oils used in our soy wax candles are also suitable for a wide range of both leave-on and rinse-off bath and body products.
  • The scent oils used are certified as skin safe and not tested on animals by the Scottish Perfumier we have trusted and used for years.
  • The scent oils are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
  • We love what we do and from what you have said, You love it as well.

Shop With Peace of Mind

Reason 1

We only use the most trusted payment operator – PayPal and Thawte, for your highest security and peace of mind.

All of your online orders are 100% secure, Anne Makes Lovely Candles have been certified with PayPal. This means you don't need to worry, nor have a PayPal account to shop with Anne Makes Lovely Candles, just use the checkout like you would at any store. When you select PayPal you are presented with a screen to input (safely and securely) your card details, or your PayPal account info.

Thawte, a key member of the Symantec family of trust brands, a leading global certificate authority, providing SSL certificates to public entities and protecting identities and secure transactions between websites, servers and payment providers.

Privacy Policy

Customer Service

Reason 3

We, Anne and Billy, are happy to help with any questions you may have pre- and post purchase on Anne Makes Lovely Candles. Whether that's about single candles or multiple orders. Changing the colour of the candle to fit your decor or if you want a special scent.

Contact us, we are always happy to hear your thoughts and comments.

Why not let others know how good the candles are and how happy you are with your purchase.

Socialise and Be a shining light. Leave a Testimonial or individually rate a product.

Product Information

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Join Us to receive our email newsletters and be the first to discover the latest information from Anne Makes Lovely Candles.

From sensual and compelling fragrant tarts to deliciously scented "glass container" candles and luxurious and unique gifts, discover our most talked about products.

Product Reviews are for each candle and are added to the site by our customers. Have a look through our candle ranges looking for items with a star rating.

Also you can checkout the About Soy Wax page here

Delivery Options

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From Anne Makes Lovely Candles to your door. Quickly. Effortlessly. Elegantly.

We use Royal Mail, a premium delivery service that offers flexibility to you.

We have different delivery options to suit your needs. "Secondary address" delivery, you can add 5 other addresses to your account and select the address you would like your candle to be delivered, your work, office or your Mum's house. What about direct to your wife's work all wrapped in a lovely parcel? Join Anne Makes Lovely Candles today and receive all these extras free of charge

Delivery Policy

Gift Candles

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Why not make your gift EXTRA special by adding a personal message or a photograph to you candle?

Whether as a treat for yourself, or a gift for a loved one you can choose for your candle to arrive wrapped in iconic brown paper package tied up with string.

Send your order direct to the recipient making less stress and hassle for you! and delivered to their door! (only available to registered customers)

All this from only £2.00!

To add photographs or message simply select Personalised Candles in the Gift Ideas Menu. Fill in the easy form and we will do the rest for you. Easy isn't it?

Personalising It.

Reason 6

We are delighted to be able to offer you a full range of Anne Makes Lovely Candles products plus special limited edition products.

If you would like to discuss with us the full selection of scents at our disposal, form every day scents to “designer” fragrances Not listed in our catalogue.
Individualised labels and personalised colours for your candles. Colour matched to your wedding day or Party, drop us a line and get the conversation going.

Anne Makes Lovely Candles

Anne's handmade soy wax candles will infuse any room with evocative and sophisticated scents that will re-awaken pleasant memories in your mind and create an ambience of welcoming warmth to any room.

Anne's hand poured, luxury, cosmetic grade scented handmade candles in glass jars and candle tins are all made in Scotland, UK and make the perfect handmade gift for any occasion. Scented soy wax candles are rapidly becoming the latest trend, most especially those with Men's fragrances.

Anne's luxury soy wax handmade candles are made with entirely natural ethically sourced renewable ingredients and are crafted using well tried techniques. We provide the highest quality exquisitely scented candles, each with its own unique characteristics, offering style and luxuriously long burning times, one of the longest burning candles available.

Environmental protection of the world in which we live is very important to us, which is why our soy wax candles are made from 100% compostable plant material and are virtually smoke and soot-free. The soy wax increases the burning time of your candle by about 50% (compared with paraffin products). Made from soybeans, the soy wax is an annually-renewable resource, which is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. As they are non toxic they are less likely to trigger allergies.

Soy wax is a plant based wax created from Soybeans, a renewable natural resource. Soy wax is biodegradable and any spillages are easily cleaned up using warm water and soap. Containers are easily cleaned making them recyclable and reusable.

It's so soft; you can even use it as massage oil when it's warm.

Good for you.
Good for the environment.

The Butterfly

Research reveals that the symbolic meaning of the butterfly is similar across most cultures and time. Invariably, this beautiful Celtic animal symbol represents transformation, inspiration, and rebirth. The concept of rebirth with the Celts is particularly of importance in terms of recycling of life – both in the spiritual and physical realms. Perhaps the bible and the "Byrds" extol the concept best: "To every season, turn, turn turn." This was an intimate concept with the Celts, and the butterfly – in its miraculous way symbolizes transformation and rebirth. Transition is common in all nature, and the Celtic woman would be keenly aware of its presence. As such, butterflies would adorn birthing gowns, blankets, and bed sheets as a sign of smooth transition when welcoming new babies into the village fold.

Celtic Animal Signs in Astrology

This Celtic animal sign lives up to the adage "social butterfly." Flitting from friend to friend in parties, and always in contact with loved ones (they're the ones always on the phone, or texting). They can't help it. Butterflies are gentle souls who can't be tied down for very long. They love to dream, express new ideas and talk about high-falutin plans with all their friends. These are the people who brighten up any dark day with their cheer and magnetically bright personalities. They are naturally empathetic, and would never intentionally harm anyone. Rather, they make easy friends, and like to see others uplifted. Butterflies bring a sense of wonder and youth to our world. Keep these people around you to remind you of how truly good life can be.

The Flame

Flames (Candles) symbolise and allow you to hold the power and passion of the Gods, right in the palm of your metaphorical hand. Within the collective consciousness fire blazes through the waves of thought with assertion – awing our minds with concepts of inspiration and vivacious vitality. To wit, here are a few symbolic attributes pertaining to the element of fire:

Energy,Power,Passion,Action,Sexuality,Creativity,Authority,Consumption,The Untamed

Flame or fire is held to signify zeal, as one may be consumed by zeal as well as fire. It is also a symbol of passion, spiritual energy, rebirth and purification. Fire has often been used to signify one who has undergone severe trials. The ancient Celts were keenly aware of the metaphorical significance of fire and its spiritually transformative properties. Examples of this knowledge are found in Celtic statues and art in the form of three flames or rays found upon the faces of deities or Celtic clansmen and women. These flames were rendered in lines aspiring up and outwards to the subject's forehead with the base of the three lines meeting at the bridge of the nose. This motif is symbolic of Arwen a Celtic concept of enlightenment, inspiration, and total unification of polarities (in other words, a calm balance struck between male/female, physical/ethereal, etc.. within the human awareness).

Symbolic Portents of Candle Flames

Symbolism shows itself everywhere. Even candle flames hold their own messages. Here are a few symbolic portents and symbolisms of candle flame based on Appalachian lore as well as other esoteric parables:

Accidentally tipping over a candle (aside from being alarmingly dangerous) is a sign of a wedding or partnership to come
Flame curling or looping at the tip is a portent that someone is talking about you (are your ears burning too?)
Blinking or sputtering flames are a plea to take a break, be patient otherwise you may be disappointed
A flame moving or swaying from side to side is a portent for travel opportunities on their way to you
Travellers will be coming to you if the flame is burning straight and tall
Predominance of blue within the flame indicates a frost is coming and/or you are being paid a visit from a non-local energy
Not being able to light a candle supposedly foretells a storm will blow over.

What Our Customers Said

Gurdev Kaur
Sunday 16th of February

Highly Recommend, Fab candles and Fab people. Highly Recommend xx..

Patricia Gill
Sunday 27th of April

What you have done to the site is lovely. The layout is very nice and it is very user friendly. And ..

Pauline McRae
Tuesday 9th of December

I have been buying Anne's candles for a while now, they come beautifully presented with a lasting fr..

Ali Stevenson
Sunday 1st of February

The most amazing candles I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying!! My 'Apple & Currant Crumble' ha..

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